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Building Better Warfighters


Message from Management

To the employees at the Electro-Optics Center (EOC), "Building Better Warfighters" is more than just a slogan; it is the core belief of our organization. It is our goal to have each project we undertake contribute to this overall objective. In many of these projects, such as the "Helmet Mounted Display" the contribution is evident, in others, such as our efforts in Work Force Development, it is more subtle. The totality of these efforts, however, all lead towards "Building Better Warfighters".

At the EOC our Scientists, Engineers, Program Managers, Technicians and Staff are all dedicated to this goal. Our fundamental approach is having bright people doing the right thing. Through this approach, we are able to consistently attract exemplary personnel all of whom are dedicated to meeting our sponsor's objectives.

Another key element to the EOC's approach is that we seek the best solutions to our customer's needs, without regards to where such ideas originate. To underscore this belief, we have created the Electro-Optics Alliance (EOA) as a means of accessing the best minds, and latest technology, in the field of Electro-Optics. The EOA, which consists of over 400 small and large businesses, Universities and Government Agencies, participates in a variety of means with the EOC to meet our sponsor's needs. Through contracts, subcontracts and purchase orders, we are able to tap into the expertise of our EOA members to assist us in Building Better Warfighters.

The EOC is humbled to know that its efforts, along with that of the EOA, have contributed to the success and safety of the Armed Forces of the United States and its allies. To the extent that we strive to meet our core belief, we know that those who seek to defeat us will never rest, and we shall continue to pursue our efforts towards Building Better Warfighters.