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Security: Planning Your Visit

The staff at the EOC hopes that your visit will be productive and pleasant. The following information is provided to make your arrival as effortless as possible. Important points to be aware of are: The EOC is a secure facility. Identification requirements for visitors are defined below. Non-US citizens must have a pre-approved Foreign Visit Request sent thru their EOC point of contact. No cameras or recording capable devices, including cell phones, are permitted beyond the front desk. Should you require additional information, please contact us at 724-295-7000.

General Visitor Responsibilities:

  1. Every visitor is required to show photo identification. Students without photo identification must provide a valid Birth Certificate or written, signed certification
  2. Every visitor is required to sign the EOC Visitor Log certifying to the accuracy of the identity, citizenship and organizational affiliation information provided.
  3. Our facilities open at 8am. Visitors arriving before 8:00am may not be granted access to the facility unless special arrangements have been made.
  4. No form of recording devices or cameras; including cell phones, electronic notebooks, handheld computers, PDA's, etc. with digital camera capability; are permitted in the facilities without prior approval. If such unapproved equipment is brought into the facility, it must be held by the front desk attendant until the conclusion of the visit.
  5. If the visitor is physically working (e.g. maintenance or inspection of equipment, observation of testing) in EOC spaces (and the service was not procured through University Purchasing), the visitor must produce certificate of insurance evidencing required insurance coverage.
  6. All visitors may be subject to inspection of their personal effects without prior notification.
  7. Requirements for First-time Facility Access:

  8. First-time visitors to the Electro-Optics Center are required to show photo identification and proof of US citizenship. (US Passport, Birth Certificate, or Certification of Naturalization)

Foreign Visitors:

    In addition to the above, foreign visitors must comply with the additional requirements listed below: :
  1. A Foreign Visitor Authorization form must be processed and approved two weeks prior to the visit, available from the EOC meeting host.
  2. Foreign visitor(s) must provide their original Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) or Passport as identification for each visit. (Note: copies shall be retained by the EOC Security office).

Repeat Visitors:

    Returning US citizen visitors, with citizenship verification on file at the EOC, will require photo identification for the repeat visit. Returning foreign visitors must maintain a current Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) for access to controlled areas, if that access is needed.

Student Visitors (under age 16):