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How to subcontract with Penn State EOC

graphic for How to subcontract with Penn State EOC information In accordance with Federal procurement requirements, there are two primary methods of selecting a subcontractor: competitive bidding or sole source procurement. For competitive bidding, Penn State EOC will solicit proposals from the Electro-Optics Alliance (EOA) which consists of over 400 companies with capabilities related to Penn State EOC programs. The streamlined source selection uses the Penn State EOA as a qualified vendor pool. The EOA is an organization formed to advance the commercial viability of Navy/DOD critical electro-optics technology, to promote technology transfer to industry, and to promote U.S. preeminence in all areas of electro-optics. The EOA consists of industrial, academic, and government affiliates and is designed to facilitate formation of dynamic, geographically distributed teams comprised of EOA member's best qualified to address specific issues and opportunities. The EOA gives Penn State EOC access to a wide variety of qualified and specialized suppliers. The EOA includes large and small businesses, Universities, women-owned, and veteran-owned suppliers with a wide range of experience relating to the many aspects of Electro-optics. Many of the EOA members have reviewed and accepted Penn State terms. All EOA members are organizations incorporated in the United States.

The second method of source selection is sole source procurement. Sole source subcontracting requires a sole source justification in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations. Justification for other than full and open competition requires the program manager and the principle investigator provide detailed information on the services required, the statutory authority permitting other than full and open competition, the rationale on why competition is restricted to one vendor, efforts used to identify other sources, and what steps will be taken to ensure future activities are competitive.

Penn State subcontract source selection, subcontract award and subcontract management is maintained in accordance with Penn State Policy RA16 "Administration of Sponsored Project Subcontracts of the University" and "The Penn State University Electro-Optics Center Procedures for the Administration of Subcontracts."