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Electro-Optics Alliance


The Electro-Optics Alliance (EOA) is a collaborative network of U.S.-based industrial, academic and government organizations that forms a critical link between research and development and the commercialization required to advance DoD critical electro-optics Manufacturing Science and Technology, transition that technology successfully to industry, and to promote U.S. preeminence in all areas of electro-optics. To meet that goal, the EOA is designed to facilitate formation of dynamic, geographically distributed teams comprised of EOA members from government, industry and academia best qualified to address specific issues and opportunities.

The EOA is committed to advancing the commercial viability of electro-optics technologies and promoting technology transfer to industry, as well as wide dissemination of new electro-optics related information. To fulfill this mission, the EOC serves its members by guiding and facilitating efforts to:

  1. Create an electro-optics support infrastructure that promotes innovative strategic relationships among industrial, university, and government research center EOA members;
  2. Disseminate research and development results as appropriate;
  3. Expand the electro-optics knowledge and technology bases;
  4. Establish a national training, education, and technology transfer network to support the growth of electro-optics industries;
  5. Enhance electro-optics technology transfer from research centers and universities to industry for the benefit of the nation, and stimulate industry feedback to researchers and educators;
  6. Influence national strategic industrial planning in electro-optics R&D and commercialization.
    Application Instructions:
  1. Complete the membership application and charter
  2. Return only the signed membership application to the EOA Administrator at the address below. The EOA Charter should be retained for your future reference.
  3. Send completed application to: