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Supply Chain Management Tools available for EOA Members

In the competitive business environment every company seeks to minimize the risk that they are exposed to on a daily basis. As a result, many companies have begun to utilize Supply Chain Management Tools and Techniques to minimize their risk and maximize their profits. In order to assist our EOA member organizations, the EOC has teamed with SCRA to create the below listed set of Supply Chain Solutions for you to consider. If you would want additional information about incorporating these proven solutions in your organization please contact Dennis Thompson at:

Advanced Technical Data Package (ATDP)
Click here Advanced Technical Data Package (ATDP)PDF Icon for details

Cost Modeling
Click here Cost ModelingPDF Icon for details

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
Click here Design for Manufacturability (DFM)PDF Icon for details

Enterprise Supply Chain M&S
Click here Enterprise Supply Chain M&SPDF Icon for details

Factory Floor Modeling & Simulation
Click here Factory Floor Modeling & SimulationPDF Icon for details

Inventory & Network Optimization
Click here Inventory & Network OptimizationPDF Icon for details

ITAR support for Tech Data
Click here ITAR support for Tech DataPDF Icon for details

Jobsight Collaborative Sourcing
Click here Jobsight Collaborative SourcingPDF Icon for details

JobSight VisAbility
Click here JobSight VisAbilityPDF Icon for details

Material-Parts Assurance & Counterfeit Protection
Click here Material-Parts Assurance & Counterfeit ProtectionPDF Icon for details

MRL Assessments
Click here MRL AssessmentsPDF Icon for details

Reliability & Lifecycle Modeling
Click here Reliability & Lifecycle ModelingPDF Icon for details

SCRL Assessments
Click here SCRL AssessmentsPDF Icon for details

Supplier Discovery & Onboarding
Click here Supplier Discovery & OnboardingPDF Icon for details

Supply Chain Creation for High Volume Prod
Click here Supply Chain Creation for High Volume ProductionPDF Icon for details

Sustainment & After Market
Click here Sustainment & After MarketPDF Icon for details