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Building Better Warfighters


Imaging Systems

Electro-optics serves as the foundation for critical Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems and Components. Our goal is to advance the development of ISR solutions needed for the acquisition and processing of information critical to national security decision-makers. From Night Vision Components to Hyperspectral Systems, we are committed to providing the best systems and components to not only acquire and process information but to make that information actionable to the end user.

icon for Night Vision Technologies informationNight Vision Technologies
The EOC's contributions to night vision technology range from ROC location capability to digital fusion technology. We advance development of night vision sensors, work to develop test stations, and support the development of novel, high-performance VIS-NIR sensors while providing the Warfighter with the best night vision technology at the best value.

icon for Infrared and Focal Plane Technologies (IR/IRFPA) information Infrared and Focal Plane Technologies (IR/IRFPA)
The EOC serves as an industry leader for testing, evaluation, and characterization of IR systems. In addition to providing technology upgrades to address first generation IR sensors product obsolescence issues, we have worked to test and evaluate newly developed sensors. In addition, our expertise in the area of Focal Plane Arrays covers a full complement of radiometric testing, evaluations of performance against elevated operation temperatures, and development of novel focal plane array assembly techniques.

icon for Surveillance Systems informationSurveillance Systems
The EOC's goal is to advance the development of systems and components needed to acquire and process critical data for the Warfighter. Our expertise in surveillance systems extends from panoramic imagers to tower systems.

icon for Sensors for Unmanned Systems informationSensors for Unmanned Systems
The EOC excels in research and development of sensors for unmanned systems. Our efforts in the area have focused on unmanned systems in the air, on the ground, on the water's surface and under sea.