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Infrared and Focal Plane Technologies

What we've done...

The EOC's expertise in this area ranges from Near IR to Long Wave IR and covers a full complement of radiometric testing, evaluations of performance against elevated operation temperatures, development of novel focal plane array assembly techniques, and participation in ManTech efforts in a variety of focal plane array improvement programs. Further research into VIS-NIR focal plane arrays has encompassed electron multiplying charge-coupled devices; Electron-Bombarded Active Pixel Sensors (EBAPS) and other low light sensors; and participation in design, development and initial prototyping of new EBAPS devices.

image displaying Infrared Technologies
Infrared Focal Plane Array

Where we're going...

The EOC will continue to serve as the national resource to the Government and industry for testing, evaluation, characterization, and rapid mature prototyping of IR systems. We will expand our capabilities in characterizing IR material, devices, IRFPA and detectors; testing IR camera and sensor systems; and developing models and simulations for IR systems. As the proliferation of IR surveillance systems continues, the EOC will provide the best systems; solutions and proof of concept to military and government customers. As an independent technology developer, the solutions generated will be assembled to achieve our maximum performances with non-proprietary designs that easily transfer to a variety of manufacturers.

How to engage...

To find out how our expertise in Infrared Technologies can benefit you, contact us here.

image depicting Long wave imager penetrates urban obscurants
Long wave imager penetrates urban obscurants