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High Power Lasers

What we've done...

The EOC's expertise in laser technologies runs the gamut from theoretical analysis to prototyping and demonstration. The main thrusts of this applied research are gaining a deeper understanding of high-power laser interactions and applications, using this fundamental knowledge to prototype and test high-power laser systems and exploiting new ways for Warfighters to use these systems. The centerpiece of our efforts is our unique combination of laboratories and associated equipment where we conduct environmental testing, laser characterization, and other applicable analyses. EOC's LaWS system prototyping efforts demonstrate how commercially available lasers can be combined to develop a laser weapon capable of force enhancement that will give our Warfighters the edge in engagements.

Where we're going...

Our work with Navsea PMS-405 and NSWC Dahlgren on the LaWS program has proven the effectiveness of high power lasers as a force enhancer. We will continue to find ways to adapt high power, commercially-available lasers to engage threats. Our practical, operational considered developmental approach coupled with our Alliance partnerships will continue to provide for a lower-cost path to laser-based systems for Warfighter advantage.

Our research continues to prove that threats can be mitigated through the use of high power laser systems. We are continuing to develop these systems for safe, effective and efficient deployment to engage asymmetric threats.

How to engage...

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Electro-Optics Center, High Power Lasers
Near field beam pattern for incoherent combining