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Building Better Warfighters


Laser Technologies

EOC's goal is to maximize benefits of laser-based technologies for warfighter advantage. To accomplish this goal, we analyze practical applications of existing laser components and systems to develop state-of-the-art solutions for laser systems. If a system or application is not currently available, we work with our sponsors and our Alliance partners to develop novel laser solutions to meet sponsor-specific criteria. We then work with manufacturers to expand the use of laser systems in the manufacturing process of electro-optic components and systems. The result of our approach is an enhanced industrial base and greater warfighter capability at lower acquisition and operational cost.

icon for High Power Lasers informationHigh Power Lasers
The EOC conceived and developed the concept of beam combining that has enabled a new, cost effective approach for fielding practical high power laser systems as force enhancers.

icon for Active System Development informationActive System Development
The EOC models, designs, develops, characterizes and prototypes state-of-the-art electro-optic and laser-based components and systems for locating, targeting, illuminating and communications that includes emphasis on packaging, miniaturization and ruggedization.

icon for Active System Development information Laser-MachiningLaser-Machining
The EOC's efforts in the field of micro-machining have led to an increased use of lasers in the manufacturing process. Through this work our sponsors and industrial partners have reduced manufacturing costs, increased yields, and have been able to offer the Warfighter more advanced products.