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Laser and Active System Development

What we've done...

The EOC's expertise in laser and active system technologies includes research and development into novel solutions emphasizing increased functionality, improved performance, miniaturization, and design-for-cost strategies. We design, develop, and fabricate both laser and laser-based active systems specialized for the unique needs of the warfighter. Recent projects include development of a rifle and vehicle mounted nonlethal laser weapon operating in a novel spectral range, and a next-generation high energy micro-laser used as the power oscillator for both advanced security techniques as well as a miniaturized LADAR transmitter. Our efforts cover all aspects of system development, from applied research (exploring and exploiting novel aspects of laser physics) to practical system engineering.

Man Portable Nonlethal Laser Weapon
Man Portable Nonlethal Laser Weapon

MicroLaser Beam shaping pump profile
MicroLaser Beam shaping pump profile

Where we're going...

As the proliferation of lasers continues to increase in the battlefield, we will leverage our expertise to develop advanced technologies that provide the warfighter with ongoing tactical supremacy. We will strengthen our strategic relationships with industry suppliers, development partners, and program sponsors to maintain leading-edge capabilities in the laser and active system arena. We will continue to develop programs through detailed identification of mission requirements and a thorough understanding of the constraints of the operating environment, in order to ensure successful performance to our project goals. We will remain committed to providing the highest levels of technical expertise and customer service to generate superior value for our sponsors.

How to engage...

To find out what customized novel laser development solutions we can provide you, contact us here.

Novel Laser Development
Miniature LADAR transmitter concept