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Building Better Warfighters


Materials and Devices

The Department of Defense has unique requirements for novel electro-optic devices. The sensors, emitters, and electronics that make these systems possible are devices that are fabricated from rare materials and require substantial expertise to process. The EOC maintains a state-of-the-art materials fabrication center and leverages it with the world class commercial development facilities at Pennsylvania State University's Materials Research Institute to provide the next generation of defense-critical EO devices to support the Warfighter. As the domestic development of these types of devices continues to migrate offshore, the significance of these capabilities to our national defense continues to increase.

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The EOC advances technologies used for the production, processing, and characterization of electronic, optical, and electro-optic materials.

icon for Electronic Device Development informationElectronic Device Development
The EOC is at the forefront of materials growth and device development for electro-optic systems. We have and will continue to utilize our expertise to develop devices for the next-generation radar electronics, radiation detectors, and imaging sensors.