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Atmospheric Propagation Work at the EOC

What we've done...

The EOC has substantial experience in the development of systems that require an in depth knowledge of the propagation of light in the atmosphere. The absorption, transmission, diffraction and scattering of light in various atmospheric environments are some of the primary factors that limit system performance, and they must be carefully considered when designing and prototyping systems. Our rich legacy of laser and imaging programs, e.g. high power laser weapons, laser communications, ultra-short laser effects, laser radar and long range surveillance systems, has allowed us to establish significant in-house expertise in modeling the propagation of coherent and incoherent light in the atmosphere. We have also developed laboratory and field testing capabilities to validate the models. Specific areas of expertise include beam propagation, power on target, spatial profiling, wave front modeling, and laser material interactions.

Electro-Optics Center, Hyperspectral
LaWs Testing

Where we're going...

The EOC will continue to build on the modeling capabilities in house and develop hardware that mitigates these effects and increases system performance. For our LaWS program we are integrating fast steering mirrors into the optical system to compensate for beam wander caused by platform jitter and atmospheric turbulence. We are also investigating the use of adaptive optic systems to compensate for higher order wavefront distortions caused by the atmosphere and will utilize a wavefront sensing system along with a deformable mirror and associated software to develop these techniques.

How to engage...

To find out how our expertise in atmospheric propagation can benefit you, contact us here.