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Imaging System Simulation

What we've done...

Technical risk reduction and cost realism are critical to the evaluation of new EO Systems. At the EOC we provide numerical analysis and simulation of imaging to reduce the technical risks and the costs associated with fielding systems. Our engineers and scientists employ a wide array of commercial and custom software packages to determine expected image quality from theoretical imaging system designs before these systems are prototyped and tested. The EOC, also, performs observer studies on the simulated imagery to determine expected tactical utility before a system is fabricated. By using these tools several designs can be compared in software to converge on the best solution for an application, which reduces time and cost in the prototyping and testing process. After prototyping has been completed, the simulated images are compared to the actual imagery to evaluate actual system performance against optimal system performance. This process insures that the system will operate at optimal capability. This process has been successfully implemented across several Electro Magnetic (EM) bands from visible to mm wave, including multi-spectral and fusion systems.

Electro-Optics Center, Imaging System Simulation
Imaging System Simulation

Where we're going...

The EOC will continue to expand its capabilities in the area of image simulation and analysis. We will continue to seek out commercial simulation packages and, if necessary, develop additional packages internally. The EOC will continue to refine its analysis abilities with the goal of reducing the risk associated with the development of new imaging systems. Further, we will expand these services to include all EM bands.

How to engage...

To find out how our expertise in imaging system simulation can benefit you, contact us here.