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Building Better Warfighters


Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation are vital analytical tools for building better electro-optics systems for the Warfighter. Thorough numerical analysis reduces risks and costs, shortens design cycle, and maximizes performance associated with the Systems and Components used by our sponsors.

icon for Atmospheric PropagationAtmospheric Propagation
The effectiveness of laser applications in the field is impacted by atmospheric conditions. To assess the impact of these conditions, the EOC has conducted laser propagation modeling and laboratory and field testing on targets. The numerical results and lessons learned have been critical to the successful demonstration of a Laser Weapon System on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle at significant standoff ranges.

icon for Imaging System Simulation informationImaging System Simulation
Numerical analysis and simulation of imaging systems are critical cost saving steps during imaging system development. Our engineers and scientists employ a wide array of commercial and custom software packages to determine expected image quality from theoretical imaging system designs before these systems are prototyped and tested.

icon for Thermal Modeling informationThermal Modeling
The EOC provides thermal management support to help find the best materials and geometry for small devices. With our toolset of finite element software, micro-Raman thermography, infrared imaging, transient thermal testing, thermal conductivity and heat-sink performance, we develop low-cost heat mitigation systems that extend the life of systems and devices.