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Thermal Modeling

What we've done...

We analyze how heat is dissipated and research mitigation techniques to help lengthen the lifespan of electro-optic systems. The EOC uses Finite Element Analysis and thermal and mechanical simulation to determine device hot spots and heat dissipation. The simulated data is then combined using empirical tools like micro-raman thermography, infrared imaging, and transient thermal testing to determine feasible and effective means of mitigation. When combined with our device fabrication and testing capabilities, this provides a full spectrum of capabilities that allow us to determine thermal failure modes and designs to improve reliability.

EOC modeling graphic
EOC modeling of small scale heat pipes within a device substrate.

Where we're going...

We will continue utilize thermal modeling analyses to determine the best materials for use in our applications. As the proliferation of EO continues to increase and costs continue to grow, it is critical to extend the lifetime and reliability of these devices. Legacy systems often demonstrate short meantime between failure, requiring expensive repair and/or replacement. We will work with our sponsors to identify early instances of failures and use our tools to improve future designs.

Finite Element Modeling graphic
Finite Element Modeling Heat Flow Simulation

How to engage...

To find out how our expertise in thermal management can benefit you, contact us here.