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Optics Characterization

What we've done...

Electro-Optics Center, Optics Characterization
Multilayer Graphene on) SiC(0001)

At the EOC, we work to provide our customers with unparalleled expertise in optical characterization. We offer environmental testing, performance and system testing, reliability testing, radiation effects testing, physical inspections and failure analysis. One of the items that we have pioneered is the use of a Raman spectrometer for characterization. This is a custom-built Raman system using the full line of Mitutoyo objectives and a 1.3m McPherson spectrometer. The Raman system is ideal for measuring temperature at spatial resolutions unachievable by other methods, measuring stress within material and the quality of the material. In addition, we have the following:

  • MTS nanoindenter
  • Zygo GPI 4" interferometer
  • Zygo NewView white light interferometer
  • Zeiss contact profilometer

Where we're going...

We will continue to provide customized testing based on internal system fabrication requirements and customer needs, while expanding the use of leading-edge technology in all phases of characterization. This reduces the risks and shortens the development cycle associated with the introduction of new systems and components to the Warfighter.

How to engage...

To find out how our optics group can help find a solution for your fabrication needs, contact us here.

Electro-Optics Center, Optics Characterization
Graphene materials qualification, silicon sublimination: 100mm substrate