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Optical Design

What we've done...

To support the development of electro-optical systems, the EOC has established significant internal capabilities for the design, fabrication, and test of optical components. We work with our sponsors to analyze initial requirements; to design electro-optics and related components; and to develop systems and sub-systems for military and aerospace applications.

Electro-Optics Center, Optics Characterization
Compact high performance wide FOV prototype optics for ISR.

in-house optical design and analysis

Complete in-house optical design and analysis capability using ZEMAX.

Where we're going...

1:1 Relay Lens graphic

1:1 Relay Lens

As EO systems continually become more complex, we will add capabilities in the design and assembly of complex optical systems. Utilizing our diverse expertise in optical design, fabrication, focal plane arrays, signal processing, and system design and deployment, we will provide comprehensive low-cost solutions for EO systems.

How to engage...

To find out how our optical design services can be used to improve your systems, contact us here.