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Payload Development Center

What we've done...

EOC Payload Development Center Cessna
The EOC's Cessna 206H

The Payload Development Center (PDC), located at Jimmy Stewart Airport in Indiana, PA, was established to provide a comprehensive facility for airborne system testing. The PDC is a comprehensive aerial systems integration lab offering customers system prototyping, test plan development, flight testing data analysis, and rigorous iteration of the test and evaluation cycle

In addition to flight test capabilities, our customers also have full access to our experienced engineering team, making the PDC an ideal tool for UAV payload and aerial sensor development. We provide expertise in aerial testing and data collection, and can also provide our customers with electrical and mechanical design and fabrication, system software development and simulation, system integration and test planning, image and data analysis, and airborne sensor development. The PDC provides customers the tools and experience to shorten the design life cycle on UAV payloads and other airborne sensors.

The PDC's modified 2006 Cessna 206H Stationair is the workhorse of our testing activity which serves as a UAV surrogate, and is authorized to fly in restricted and unrestricted airspace. By avoiding National Airspace UAV flight limitations and the ability to refine equipment during aerial testing, the PDC is ideal for keeping costs low. We also have multiple UAVS in house to complete the test cycle including a Tigershark and Viking 100. These air frames are supported with a comprehensive enclosed ground station, electronics lab, mechanical fabrication facility, or developing new capabilities.

Mobile Test Facility
Mobile Test Facility

Where we're going...

The PDC will continue to expand its aerial system development to include increased emphasis on sensor networks and data processing. The aerial imaging systems developed will be under a total system perspective, with significant emphasis placed on automated image analysis and dissemination. The assets in the lab will be utilized to demonstrate proof of principal and to provide flexible test beds in the development of the complex sensor networks now being employed in the battle field.

How to engage...

To find out how our Payload Development Center can shorten the design life cycle on your UAV Payload, contact us here.

EOC Payload Development Center
Payload Development Center