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Environmental Testing

What we've done...

Electro-Optics Center, Environmental Testing
AST-35 HALT/HASS with 1° Celsius per second temperature change coupled with random vibration.

An integral part of the EOC's ability to provide testing, evaluation and validation of electro-optic systems and components is our expertise in environmental testing. These efforts have significantly reduced system and equipment failures for our DoD Sponsors. We have developed the capability to perform highly accelerated stress screening, highly accelerated life testing, shock testing, sine sweeps, testing in varied humidity, and high-altitude testing over 100,000 feet.

Where we're going...

We are dedicated to finding out why systems fail and to improve system longevity, and we will continue to modify and improve our failure analysis processes and pull together techniques for military applications in an attempt to make systems reliable for the Warfighter. Our goal is to ensure that EOC products and solutions will be successful in specified environments as well as offer our expertise to other businesses. As conditions dictate, we will continue to expand our capabilities to fill the niche testing areas which no longer may be available through the Government Laboratories and may be cost prohibitive for small business.

How to engage...

To find out how our capabilities and expertise in environmental testing can help improve your product development process, contact us here.

Avenger Environmental Qualification Testing
Avenger Environmental Qualification Testing