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RF Power Amplifier Testing

What we've done...

RF reliability test stand interface
RF reliability test stand interface

The EOC has established facilities that support accelerated life-cycle testing and failure analysis for T/R modules. In partnership with our sponsors, we closely monitor life-cycle and developed tests to predict lifetime using failure analysis tools such as GaN failure analysis, GaN physics of failure, and GaN Radar Reliability. We have cutting-edge testing equipment such as specialized semiconductor characterization equipment; Midwave Infrared Imaging for detecting heat associated with a failure; Scanning Acoustic Microscopy; X-ray Imaging; Focused Ion Beam/Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy to detect atomic-scale disruptions in the semiconductor crystalline lattice; and Electron Beam Induced Current used in conjunction with Scanning Electron Microscope to detect to localized variations in electrical trap density, defect density and carrier lifetime.

Where we're going...

We are dedicated to understand why systems fail and then use that information to develop improvements in order to meet sustainability and availability requirements. We will continue to modify and improve our failure analysis processes and pull together techniques for military applications focusing on increased systems reliability and availability to the Warfighter. Our goal is to ensure our sponsors that when a T/R system successfully completes testing at the EOC, such designs are manufacture-ready. We will leverage our research in these components for applications such as power for discrete devices, hybrid vehicles, smart-grids, and renewable energies.

How to engage...

To find out how our expertise in T/R Modules can help your product development process, contact us here.

Automated test station for accelerated lifetime testing
Automated test station for accelerated lifetime testing.