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ManTech Process

The EOC Interactive Project Development process starts with Navy Platform Requirements. The EOC works extensively with all of the program offices to define requirements and evaluate for possible ManTech projects. We, also, work with Navy Support Contractors and EO Alliance member companies to identify and define requirements. The upper four boxes of the Interactive Project Development Flow Chart, inset, represent the interactions that occur in the early stages of project development. Once the requirements are defined and the expected benefits quantified, the Contract Office Representative (COR) and the EOMTC Technical Director review the project and decide if a ManTech project is appropriate and should be initiated.

For affirmative candidate projects, this triggers the 3 step process identified below:

  1. An Issue Sheet is developed jointly between the Technical Director and the COR. The Technical Director will also involve an EOMTC Project Manager / Principal Investigator. The EOMTC prepares the Program Planning Document (PPD) and submits it to the COR.
  2. A Project Plan is developed by the EOMTC. Depending upon the requirement, the EOMTC may elect to use a sole source where a system component is already slated to be on the target platform and the ManTech is required at their facility, or a competitive process, optimizing the payoff for the government investment. An EOMTC proposal competition is a two part process:
    1. A Request for White Papers is broadcast to the Alliance, seeking a 10 page response to the requirement. This gives all of the companies a low cost path to be considered. The white papers are evaluated by the EOC, the Program Technical Assistant(s), the Program Office, and any support personnel the program office assigns. This allows us to take advantage of the Alliance's expertise in a cost effective manner getting the "best of the best".
    2. A Request for Proposal is formally issued to the selected subcontractor(s), defining the requirements. The response is reviewed by the EOMTC and if found to be compliant, the subcontractor(s), is integrated into the ManTech Project Plan including a formal Statement of Work (SOW) which is submitted to the ONR Program Officer for approval.
  3. Upon receipt of a contract modification authorizing the project, the EOMTC and its subcontractor(s), as applicable, will execute the project based on the SOW, submitting reports and invoices as required.