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Building Better Warfighters



The overall objective of the Navy ManTech Program is to significantly improve the affordability and mission capability of Department of the Navy systems by engaging in manufacturing initiatives that address the entire weapon system life-cycle and that enable the timely transition of technology to industry and to the Fleet.

More specifically, DoD 4200.15 states that investments should:

  1. Aid in the economical and timely acquisition and sustainment of weapon systems and components.
  2. Ensure that advanced manufacturing processes, techniques, and equipment are available for reducing DoD materiel acquisition, maintenance, and repair costs.
  3. Advance the maturity of manufacturing processes to bridge the gap from research and development advances to full-scale production.
  4. Promote capital investment and industrial innovation in new plants and equipment by reducing the cost and risk of advancing and applying new and improved manufacturing technology.
  5. Ensure that manufacturing technologies used to produce DoD materiel are consistent with safety and environmental considerations and energy conservation objectives.
  6. Provide for the dissemination of Program results throughout the industrial base.
  7. Sustain and enhance the skills and capabilities of the manufacturing work force, and promote high levels of worker education and training.
  8. Meet other national defense needs.

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