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Building Better Warfighters



The EOC's strategic focus is on improving our Nation's Warfighters ' capabilities. We work through technology transition from Concept to Research to Development through Manufacturing and Sustainment. Our value added is accomplished through the Electro-Optics Alliance partnerships and other sponsors in working to identify and lead solutions to Navy, DoD, and Industry problems. Effective and advance technical and people resources are the key ingredients to finding those solutions. The following opportunities are available in working with the EOC in supporting our Nation's Warfighters.

icon for Employment OpportunitiesEmployment Opportunities
Through its Electro-Optics Center, Penn State plays a leading role in the research and development of our Nation's state-of-the-defense resources. The EOC's team of professional Research & Development Engineers, Research Faculty, Engineering Support Specialists and Acquisition and Business Professionals helps provide the DoD with innovative science and technology solutions that support national security, economic competitiveness and improved quality of life. The EOC offers job opportunities in a variety of research and development specialties including research faculty, research engineers and research technicians. Penn State offers its engineers and faculty to witness the entire product life cycle—from initial brainstorming through research, development, testing, and final deployment. As a member of the EOC's outstanding team, you would be able to take advantage of Penn State's complete benefit packages…one of the best in the Big Ten. Take the next step by clicking here to view our current openings.

icon for Business OpportunitiesBusiness Opportunities
The EOC maintains a variety of prime federal contract awards across a spectrum of DoD agencies. Based on program requirements, the EOC may solicit committed partners for Government research to offer the best solution. The EOC is a full participant in Penn State's Small Business programs. Where possible, small business, veteran-owned small business, service-disabled veteran-owned small business, HUBZone small business, small disadvantaged business, and women-owned small business concerns are utilized. The Electro-Optics Alliance is the primary bidders pool using a white paper solicitation process for streamlined proposal responses. To ensure fairness in the consideration of proposals for EOC research requirements, Penn State implemented policies to protect against organizational conflicts of interest.
Click here to view the current white paper solicitations and how to submit proposals to the EOC.

icon for Other OpportunitiesOther Opportunities
The EOC participates in a wide variety of research, engineering and professional forums, seminars, and sponsor activities. Within those events, EOC members may encounter opportunities relevant to the Electro-Optics Alliance, or other related research entities. Click here to view other possible opportunities of interest