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White Paper Process  

Sample Call for WhitepapersTop
The Call for Whitepapers is similar to a formal solicitation. It lists technical specifications, submission procedures, format, due dates, and other related administrative requirements.
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Submittal Instructions and LimitationsTop
Electro-Optics Alliance (EOA) members are generally requested to provide information to the EOC for research projects through the EOC "Competitive White Paper" process. The information is requested in the form of a short (i.e. not more than 10 pages) "White Paper." The EOC "Call for White Paper" details the scope of the program, evaluation criteria and submittal instructions and limitations. Responses are typically due 3-4 weeks after the "Call for White Paper" is issued. Each solicitation may be different.

White papers are electronically submitted to whitepapers(click to reveal address). Technical or administrative questions can only be submitted in writing to whitepapers. Responses to any questions and/or clarifications will be collectively provided in writing to all members. Phone call inquiries will not be accepted.

All submissions of white papers or questions must begin the subject line of their email with the White Paper number noted on the individual request for white papers.


Warning: Emails that do not begin the subject line of their email exactly as stated above have a probability of being overlooked and may not be forwarded in time for review. The EOC will not be responsible for responses that are misdirected and/or overlooked due to incorrect labeling in the subject line.

White Papers that will not be electronically submitted may instead be shipped or mailed to:

Penn State Electro-Optics Center
Attn: Business Office White Paper
222 Northpointe Blvd
Freeport, PA 16229

Please note that the due date does not change for hard copy submittals. Hard copy submittals must be received by EOC on or before the same due date and time. EOC is not responsible for any shipping delay. Confirmation of receipt should be requested at the email address above.

EOC will destroy copies made/forwarded following EOC's destruction process, except that one copy will be retained by EOC in the Call for White Paper file.

Offerors must be qualified, responsible EOA members having experience related to the subject research project. Any U.S. company or U.S. organization wishing to bid on this proposal, but not currently a member of the EOA, may contact Kathy Kovalcik at (724) 295-7016, or to access an application.

The basis for selecting white papers will be the value of the proposal to the EOC's research agenda, and funding availability. A technical review panel will review all white papers for responsiveness and technical merit as measured by pre-established criteria that is identified in the Call for White Paper.

Companies selected by the technical review panel will typically be forwarded a formal Request for Proposal to submit a full technical and cost proposal. The anticipated award vehicle will be stated in the Request for Proposal. Anticipated terms and conditions will be in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations, The Pennsylvania State University standards terms and conditions, and any other relevant special contract terms identified at time of award. The selected company(s) will also be required to complete Representations and Certifications. Sample documents, terms and conditions may be viewed at Non-selected Companies will be forwarded notification.

Documentation and Limitations
The White Paper will be no longer than ten (10) pages. Unless otherwise noted in the Call for White Paper, the Rough Order Magnitude is included in the ten (10) page limitation.

If the White Paper is considered Proprietary, Bidders will mark the title page with the following legend:

This includes data that shall not be disclosed outside The Pennsylvania State University through its Electro-Optics Center ("PSU") and shall not be duplicated, used, or disclosed, in whole or in part, for any purpose other than the evaluation of this White Paper. Nothing herein prohibits PSU from disclosing the information herein to the U.S. Government in connection with Electro-Optics Center activities. This restriction does not limit PSU's right to use information contained herein if it is obtained from another source without restriction. The data subject to this restriction are contained in sheets [insert sheet numbers]

In addition, please mark each sheet of data the EOA member wishes to restrict with the following legend:

Use or disclosure of data contained in this sheet is subject to the restriction on the title page of this White Paper.

In the event, for any reason whatsoever, the end result of the evaluation does not result in a down-select or a formal request, neither Penn State EOC nor the Government shall have any liability for payment of any costs incurred in the preparation, submission, and/or support of the offeror's white paper or proposal in response to a Request for Proposal, or in making necessary studies or designs for the preparation of a white paper or proposal, or to procure or subcontract for any services or materials.