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Program Manager and Outreach Coordinator Susan Zingaro Desk (724) 295-7000 ext. 7135

Program Engineer Jeff Searle Desk (724) 295-7000, ext. 7146



Sea, Air and Land Challenge is an Office of Naval Research Sponsored program, in which teams of high school students design and build robotic vehicles and pay-loads. The systems are then used to compete in challenges that mimic missions encountered by the military, national security agencies and first responders. The programís mission is to inspire young adults to pursue education and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with an emphasis on civilian and uniformed careers that support Department of Defense and National Security activities. The vision for the future is to expand Sea, Air, and Land Challenge to the national level so all high school students, regardless of location or demographic, can participate in an exciting activity that introduces them to the elegance of engineering and science, as well as understand the importance of technology development to our National Security. If you want to help high school students tackle a difficult engineering task and/or sponsor a team or school district, please contact us for more information.