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Quality Assurance

1.0 Introduction
The purpose of this plan is to define the means Penn State University Electro-Optics Center (EOC) will ensure that all deliverables provided to the sponsor organization(s) are in full compliance with the requirements specified in the statement of work and other defining documentation. The expected deliverables for this contract fall into two categories, reports and hardware deliverables. They are distinct in their quality assurance requirements.

2.0 Program Description
The Seaport e contract is a five (5) year, cost plus fixed fee (CPFF), indefinite deliverable/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) agreement between Penn State and the Naval Sea Systems Command. The purpose of the contract is to provide a variety of services, see EOC capability section, to support Sponsors requirements.

3.0 Program Organization and Responsibility
The program employs a virtual organization approach consistent with the IDIQ contract. Individual projects will be set up with a Principal Investigator (PI) and supporting staff, specifically selected for their expertise and capabilities as it relates to the task order. Unique quality requirements will be addressed on a task order by task order basis. The PI will have responsibility for the quality of the deliverables on his/her project.

The overall program and quality is the responsibility of the Program Director, who will oversee the performance and will have final approval authority on all task order deliverables

4.0 Program Quality Objectives and Elements
The objective of this quality program is to ensure the deliverables fully meet the requirements of the contract and individual task order. The requirements include conformance to specifications and timeliness.
Subcontractors will be required to follow their internal Quality Assurance system provided they meet the requirements of the task order. Task order requirements will be directly flowed down to the subcontractor. Should the subcontractor internal QA system fall short of task order requirements the subcontractor will be required to augment their system to meet or exceed the task order requirements.

This program is envisioned to have two types of deliverables:

Reports: Reports will be completed and signed by the cognizant PI for compliance to task order and contract requirements. The Program Director will also sign indicating his agreement that the deliverable report conforms to contract requirements. Document control will be exercised on each deliverable document, requiring a revision number, revision history, and cognizant individual signature.

Hardware/Prototypes: Hardware will be delivered in conformance with the specific requirements of the task order. Where required acceptance test plans and procedures will be generated and followed and test results documented and signed.

5.0 Non-Conforming Deliverables
In the event deliverables are determined to not to be in conformance with the task order requirements the following course of action will be taken:

The PI will complete a Cause and Corrective Action Report ( Form included in this plan) documenting the deficiency, the root cause of the deficiency, and the corrective action plan to avoid future occurrences.

6.0 Quality Assurance Reports to Management
Cause and Corrective Action Reports will be forwarded to the Electro-Optics Center Director and reviewed with him on a monthly basis.

Customer Satisfaction

Electro-Optics Center: Cause and Corrective Action Report
Cause and Corrective Action Reports will be forwarded to the Electro-Optics Center Director and reviewed with him on a monthly basis.

Electro-Optics Center: Cause and Corrective Action Report PDF Icon