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Our mission is to transition new electro-optics technologies and applications to Navy-selected focus platforms. Since 1999, the Electro-Optics Center has proudly served as the Office of Naval Research’s (ONR) Manufacturing Technology Center of Excellence for Electro-Optics.

Through strong technical interactions with the Department of Defense and its industrial base, demonstrating acquisition cost savings, lifecycle cost savings, and accelerating capabilities to the warfighter, the EOC’s goal is to reduce acquisition costs, operational costs and life-cycle costs while simultaneously improving mission capability of electro-optic military hardware and enabling transition of technology to industry.

Our Expertise

As part of the Electro-Optics and Electronics Division of Penn State’s Applied Research Laboratory, the EOC offers technical expertise in Electro Optics.

  • Manufacturing of Electro-Optics
    • Sensors, Fiber Optics, Interconnects, Electronics Materials, Lasers, Optics and Windows
  • Manufacturing Using Electro-Optics
    • Metrology, Inspection, Vision Systems, Augmented Reality, New Sensor Techniques, Drone and Robotics Applications
  • Manufacturing Systems
    • Supply Chain Analysis, Modeling and Simulation, Risk Management, Industrial Base Assessments, Technology Obsolescence Management

Our Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities and labs are located in Freeport, Pennsylvania, approximately 25 miles from Pittsburgh and a short two and a half-hour drive from Penn State’s main campus in State College, PA.

Points of Interest

  • Northpointe Industrial Park, Freeport
  • High Energy Laser Effects Laboratory
  • Materials Evaluation Lab and Cleanroom
  • Fiber Optics and Photonics Laboratory
  • Spectroscopy Lab
  • Environmental Test Laboratory
  • Optical Coating and Characterization Clean Room
  • Optical Assembly and Testing Lab
  • Infrared Testing Lab
  • Drone Testing Lab
  • Crow’s Nest