Our Thrusts

Our Thrusts

Our technical thrusts span capabilities involving the manufacturing of electro-optics, manufacturing using electro-optics, and manufacturing systems.

The overall objective of the Navy ManTech Program is to significantly improve the affordability and mission capability of Department of the Navy systems by engaging in manufacturing initiatives that address the entire weapon system life-cycle and that enable the timely transition of technology to industry and to the Fleet.

Major Acquisition Platforms

PEO (SSN)   PEO (SSBN)  PEO (Ships)  PEO (Carriers)  PEO (USC)  PEO (JSF)

Investment Strategy Updates:

  • Highlighting PEO-IWS efforts for ship platforms currently supported by Navy ManTech
  • Highlighting sustainment across all platforms
  • Added Future (Major) Acquisition Platform Support to Capability Acceleration thrust areas

Thrust Areas

  • Sustainment Technology
  • Energetics Production Support
  • Advanced Submarine Technology Fabrication
  • Future (Major) Acquisition Platform Support
  • Unmanned / Autonomous Vehicle Production
  • Directed Energy
  • Hypersonics Fabrication
  • Other ONR Manufacturing Maturation