Electro-Optics and Electronics Alliance

Electro-Optics and Electronics Alliance

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The Electro-Optics and Electronics Alliance (EOEA) is a network of U.S.-based industrial, academic and government organizations that forms a critical link between DoD research and development and the transition of such technology to the DoD Industrial Base in the fields of Electro-Optics and Electronics. To meet that goal, the EOEA is designed to facilitate formation of dynamic, geographically distributed teams comprised of members from government, industry and academia best qualified to address specific issues and opportunities.

Membership Benefits:

  • ONR-sponsored programs
  • Purchased services
  • Subcontracts awarded
  • SBIR/STTR teaming

Membership Criteria:

  • Only U.S. Persons (as defined in International Traffic in Arms Regulation 120.15) are eligible for membership.
  • U.S. universities, U.S. non-profit organizations, or U.S. companies (whether or not incorporated), and U.S. Government affiliates are eligible for membership
  • Each applicant must self-certify their organization’s participation in Electro-Optics or Electronics key technical thrusts.

Cage Code:

The unique identifier for EOEA members is the CAGE Code. We strongly suggest you have your CAGE Code before joining.

Military Critical Technical Agreement:

To be eligible to receive technical information your orgazaiation must have a Military Critical Technical Agreement.