Laser Technology

Laser Technology

High Power Lasers

The EOC conceived and developed the concept of beam combining that has enabled a new, cost effective approach for fielding practical high power laser systems as force enhancers.

The EOC’s expertise in laser technologies runs the gamut from theoretical analysis to prototyping and demonstration. The main thrusts of this applied research are gaining a deeper understanding of high-power laser interactions and applications, using this fundamental knowledge to prototype and test high-power laser systems and exploiting new ways for Warfighters to use these systems. The centerpiece of our efforts is our unique combination of laboratories and associated equipment where we conduct environmental testing, laser characterization, and other applicable analyses. EOC’s LaWS system prototyping efforts demonstrate how commercially available lasers can be combined to develop a laser weapon capable of force enhancement that will give our Warfighters the edge in engagements

Active System Development

The EOC models, designs, develops, characterizes and prototypes state-of-the-art electro-optic and laser-based components and systems for locating, targeting, illuminating and communications that includes emphasis on packaging, miniaturization and ruggedization.

The EOC’s expertise in laser and active system technologies includes research and development into novel solutions emphasizing increased functionality, improved performance, miniaturization, and design-for-cost strategies. We design, develop, and fabricate both laser and laser-based active systems specialized for the unique needs of the warfighter. Recent projects include development of a rifle and vehicle mounted nonlethal laser weapon operating in a novel spectral range, and a next-generation high energy micro-laser used as the power oscillator for both advanced security techniques as well as a miniaturized LADAR transmitter. Our efforts cover all aspects of system development, from applied research (exploring and exploiting novel aspects of laser physics) to practical system engineering.


The EOC's efforts in the field of micro-machining have led to an increased use of lasers in the manufacturing process. Through this work our sponsors and industrial partners have reduced manufacturing costs, increased yields, and have been able to offer the Warfighter more advanced products.

Using novel processes developed at the EOC, we have successfully demonstrated how laser systems can be used for manufacturing on the microscopic scale, which is unattainable with conventional machining or other laser systems. These efforts have led to reduced manufacturing costs, greater yields and better products. We have developed laser-based processes for industrial, military and scientific applications.

As a resource to those looking to use laser machining processes, we have established capabilities in processing both metals and non-metals. In an effort to encourage organizations to implement the practices we have developed, the EOC allows government and commercial customers access to our state-of-the art systems and expert staff to determine if using laser systems for their advanced manufacturing application is appropriate.

Our goal is to continue to be at the forefront of laser manufacturing. As appropriate, we will add new laser systems to our inventory of lasers, workstation functionality, and analysis capabilities. We will expand our ability to provide state-of-the-art laser systems and diagnostics to develop optimized laser processing parameters. The EOC will continue to offer process development, proof of concept, initial run services, and, integration to help customers establish production capabilities. By providing our customers with the knowledge to use laser systems in the manufacturing process, we support the development of low-cost, high-tech systems for the Warfighter.

High poer lasers

The EOC conceived and developed the concept of beam combining that has enabled a new, cost effective approach for fielding practical high power laser systems as force enhancers.

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