Optics Photonics (Technical Expertise)

Optics Photonics (Technical Expertise)

Optical Design

We have the capability to design complex optical systems using Zemax and Code V software packages. Our dedicated optical designers are utilized to design components for EOC systems and for custom applications.

To support the development of electro-optical systems, the EOC has established significant internal capabilities for the design, fabrication, and test of optical components. We work with our sponsors to analyze initial requirements; to design electro-optics and related components; and to develop systems and sub-systems for military and aerospace applications.

As EO systems continually become more complex, we will add capabilities in the design and assembly of complex optical systems. Utilizing our diverse expertise in optical design, fabrication, focal plane arrays, signal processing, and system design and deployment, we will provide comprehensive low-cost solutions for EO systems.

Optics Characterization

We support in house fabrication with a wide array of characterization equipment. From component surface characterization to full optical train analysis, we are able to assess optical performance throughout the entire development process.

At the EOC, we work to provide our customers with unparalleled expertise in optical characterization. We offer environmental testing, performance and system testing, reliability testing, radiation effects testing, physical inspections and failure analysis. One of the items that we have pioneered is the use of a Raman spectrometer for characterization. This is a custom-built Raman system using the full line of Mitutoyo objectives and a 1.3m McPherson spectrometer. The Raman system is ideal for measuring temperature at spatial resolutions unachievable by other methods, measuring stress within material and the quality of the material. In addition, we have the following:

  • MTS nanoindenter
  • Zygo GPI 4" interferometer
  • Zygo NewView white light interferometer
  • Zeiss contact profilometer

We will continue to provide customized testing based on internal system fabrication requirements and customer needs, while expanding the use of leading-edge technology in all phases of characterization. This reduces the risks and shortens the development cycle associated with the introduction of new systems and components to the Warfighter.